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We are now partners with Art Money. Enjoy your art now and pay later.

Hannaford Studios is owned and operated by artist Jennifer Hannaford. Hannaford works from a private studio in Jefferson Village on the North Shore of Long Island. Art can be viewed at the studio by appointment.

Hannaford often teams up with artist Aubrey Ashburn (see below) Aubrey and Hannaford have original paintings and fine art prints for sale. Either artist can be commissioned for a customized, original piece of art. Please browse the artists' sites and feel free to inquire about all queries or ideas. We are excited to assist you with the perfect painting to add to your collection, or just a piece of art that will enhance your environment.

Art Money


Ashburn’s contemporary wildlife depictions in oil give a purposeful voice to her subjects and are seen as bold and powerful, with rich complex texture and palette choices, filled with meaningful intention, striking at the heart.  They walk the traditional contemporary line, with forms rooted in realism, yet abstractions that push the boundaries of color, line, and value.

Whether it be an original painting or a commissioned piece, Ashburn can assist you with a piece of art to complete any space.

Jennifer Hannaford

Hannaford's art blurs the lines between abstract and realism. She understands that the surface of a canvas is activated by texture, interesting brushwork driven by emotion, and color choice. This is why she feels there is nothing that compares to an original piece of art. Mainly self-taught, Hannaford brings her unique style to landscapes, pet portraits, and your personal piece of figurative art. Browse her original art, prints,  collaborate with her to create a commission that meets your artistic vision.

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