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For Assistance with your Application through Art Money: 
Anders Lindseth 

To learn more about the application process at  Art Money.


We partner with Art Money, to make art more accessible, support artists and help build a sustainable creative economy. 

With Art Money you take your art home and pay over 10 monthly payments, no interest.

We provide a commission to Art Money who pay us immediately, so we can pay the artist straight away. It’s a win win.

Art Money credit is available from $1000 to $50,000. It’s fast, easy and secure. 


How to Purchase Art with Art Money

1) Select one or more works from our artists
2) Apply online for art financing through Art Money, it usually take 5-7 minutes 
3) The collector can take the art home when a 10% deposit is paid directly to the gallery

4) All remaining payments are made to Art Money

Financing Terms

- Art Money financing is available from $1,000 to $50,000

- The remaining payments are split over 10 months

- Zero interest

- Financing is available within the US, Australia and New Zealand

Additional information

- Shipping is not included in the price of original art

- If buying online, please contact us for a quote for domestic and international shipping

- The cost of shipping can be included in the total price financed for purchase through Art Money

- An 8.75% for NY sales tax will be applied when a painting is purchased in or delivered in New York

- There is no sales tax applied when we ship out-of-state.


We do not offer refunds on artwork. 


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